It's a reminder that we place far too many of our eggs in a basket called China.

I totally should.

After getting five hours of sleep per 50+ awake, I have engaged "Recharge Mode".

Recharge Mode is waking up, looking at the clock, and deciding to go back to sleep.

Rolled into the office at almost 11:00am this morning.and have spent the day, thus far, perusing developer blogs and mailing lists. Code editor is open but ignored.

NOTE: Even in Recharge Mode I am working. There's always a thread in my brain dedicated to projects. I just assign it a very low priority.

I've spoken more in here today than I probably had the entire year prior.

I will say I like the more open and forward thinking directions they have taken on the developer side of things. Especially remembering how it used to be in the 90s and early 2000s. Screwing the pooch on mobile and Windows 8 is probably the best thing that ever happened to them.


I took a look at it recently with an open mind. I quickly closed it again. I don't care how many fresh coats of paint they give it, it's still Outlook and it needs to be buried in peat.


It's about all I do now. Code. Play PHB/benevolent dictator. Relieve the stress by cooking and/or goofing with cars. Sleep. Repeat.

I always view that as a potential money maker because a large chunk of the time, a former customer comes back and asks to be saved from the mistake and I get to charge to convert everything back the way it was.

About the only use I have for Office 365 now is OneNote as a free-form (read: chaotic) dumping ground for notes and such when writing them by hand is not possible. The gals up front use it but my "right hand man" Terri is exploring Google Docs and Drive. Whatever make them happy I guess.

I had a novel solution. I mapped our mail domain to GMail finally. “Neglected” to migrate my folders over. Blank slate!