The three-finger up-swipe to choose desktop spaces in Windows 10 is one thing that makes the transition from MacOS a lot easier.

Early morning at office. Attempt at abnormal productivity levels begins. Failure fully anticipated. I've years of anecdotal evidence to back that suspicion up.



Hmmm. I think it's kind of quaint that you have to jump through a few hoops to sign up. Makes the place stand out in the crowd ya know? :D


When I look at the Democratic Party now, I see my grandmother.

She used to test the readiness of spaghetti by flinging it onto the hardwood paneling in the kitchen. If it stuck, it was done.

Essentially, there's three years worth of pasta on the floor and we should probably order a pizza.

This is beyond ridiculous.

And, with that, I conclude this very, very rare political post.

I was thinking the same but with cat hair. Looks to be a devil to clean. The specs look beefy (and pricey) though. Appears to be a couple of expansion slots as well.


Was Jonny Ive replace by someone from Cuisinart?


The theme is excellent.


I'm glad he did because I can't tolerate bright schemes anymore.


That used to be me. I've flipped it around to capitalize on the solitary hours with a full tank of gas.