So, pretty much like the last time around? :D

The look of shock on people's faces when I show up at the office early is priceless.

What we would give to have our children's energy reserves.

Day started in the mid 40s. Now in the high sixties. Windows open. Enjoying a nice breeze, working on a customer issue and watching Talladega.

I don't think jogging will ever happen for me again. Stupid hip, knees and foot.

I've yet to experience that. Even with dishpan hands, the sensor on my laptop and iPhone still function.

Begnning a new chapter of my life.

Sidekick and I are divorcing (amicably).

Now in an extended stay business thing until a suitable house closer to the office comes available.

I used to go to one called "Insomnia" that had board games and chess boards. Could always find a game no matter the hour. Gave serious thought to opening a similar one here but I'd never have the time to dedicate to it.

I already have one earmarked for the home office. (I get most of my work done there)

I miss my 20s. Used to routinely go for days without the interruption.