Status Report Mark 2: Have completely eliminated MacOS from all workflows and migrated all important stuff to Linux again. Plans to grab a Power9 system are underway. This might be held off if a suitable mid-70s pickup worth restoring pops up on my radar.

Happy 4th of July and all of that.

Bourbon is being sipped and 70 round shot fireworks are about to be fired into the sky.

If you're going to bother living, do it dangerously.

Customer support would be a lot easier if people would spend the energy they do defending/disavowing their mistakes on acknowledging and correcting them.

I am running out of polite and diplomatic ways of saying, "Though I sympathize, this is not my problem and I am powerless to make it so (Not to mention uninterested)."

Our ordinance buying trip is scheduled for Wednesday. I've been told we are only firing off the big stuff this year. Personally, I'm more interested in the grilling out part.

Something is going on.

Major changes and snafus in both Charter Spectrum and Comcast. Also, a lot of calls through Verizon being dropped.

I'm both surprised and not that a customer allowed their entire IT staff to take vacation at the same time. Naturally, they have had an issue pop up. Naturally, they expect me, a unrelated vendor, to fix it.

Naturally, I laughed at them.

Something makes me a bit uncomfortable. There's just something that doesn't add up. The more I go through their site, the less inclined I am to try it.

Shame as I am not keen on Apple or Google at this point. Makes me wish Windows Mobile didn't crash and burn.


You're going to be hard-pressed to find a news site without an agenda these days.