It's going to be very interesting to watch. If Apple is able to make a serious performer out of that technology, it will lead to a huge shift.

Irritates me that the Pomodoro app I used to favor has turned into a service you have to create an online account for.

I think I might make be able to squeeze in making one of my own.

I had subscribed to notifications to the Microsoft distro on GitHub just to get a feel for what sort of activity was taking place. A mistake I shant make again.

It's very active.

With ARM literally in ascendance - something I never thought I would say - it would make good sense to leverage it. The NT kernel was never something to write home about on RISC platforms.

I'm still having a hard time accepting a Microsoft that consistently makes sound decisions.

I was about to suggest Fedora being it's inspiration due to the package manager. Odd choice in this day and age. Not that I complain too loudly as my distro started as a deconstruction of Core 3.

I actually like RPM

Remember when Microsoft tried to kill Linux by financing the SCO Group's lawsuits?

Now they have their own distro and it's on GitHub []

The world has done gone crazy.

Oh and it uses RPM. Which is odd as most of their efforts seem to target Ubuntu/Debian

The migration to new language features has been far less painful than I thought it would be. I normally would not do this but what I am working on is in an early enough stage to take the gamble as "losing" won't have too high a price tag.

It's so nice to eliminate lines of code while moving forward.

The true death toll from all of this will come not from the virus.

Well, my window for getting a final Intel Macbook Air is closed. It's less important now that I have shifted gears and started moving in a different direction but still.

None of that excites me. It makes good business sense for them but I still get the feeling I did when Jobs and Ellison went on about the future being thin clients. Not that these are the same thing. It's just a feeling.

Tech is truly churning right now and we are about to shift to other things. I honestly think that future isn't going to be kind to brands. Not just "iThings". There will always be enthusiasts, yes. But I don't see them becoming a phenomena ever again.

One thing is certain. Intel is in a HEAP of trouble. NVidia buying ARM. ARM actually becoming a player in the data center for all the right reasons. Microsoft's whole "Wintel" thing being something they've ambled away from, post-Balmer. Notice how they don't really discuss Windows anymore. Not to the extent they used to. Azure is their new sweetheart.

Okay, I'm rambling now. Anyway, it's going to be interesting to watch.

I force myself to play some Animal Crossing, Minecraft or Skyrim to keep myself from tunnel vision. It's effective.