They are simply boxes that pervert the logic we attempt to store in them.

It's cute how they think that removing long term support for CentOS 8, right in the midst of so many migrating to it, then killing point releases will drive people to give them money.

Current status: Optimistically moving some projects to CentOS 8 in anticipation of Rocky Linux’s initial release sometime in March or April. (Preview release at that)

I forgot that even existed.

I seriously miss my old, square-wave UPS. The power was a bit on the dirty side but it was powered by a full-sized, deep-cycle, marine battery. I would keep a workstation and monitor up and running for days. Only big drawback was the weight. Seventy-five pounds.

Part of me wants to dig my old Zentih Z-248 or Z-286 out of mothballs and play with it.

My luck, one of the only working examples of a full height Seagate ST-4096 would die in my arms. (The ST-251-1 in the Z-248 will probably outlast me)

Ehhh. Windows 95 'A' build. Introduce a little mystery to your life. "Will today be the day it lunches itself and I have to re-install?"

Looking over my shoulder at a weekend of chili dogs and mountains of other things as I try to catch up on eating.

Sick since Christmas Eve with a chronic condition that decided to flare up. Lost fifteen pounds.

Quickly finding them again as I look cadaverous when my weight drops to the 220 lb (99 kg) range.

Feeling so much better.

Guilt keeps me where I am. If I leave, the company will most likely collapse. And, that is my own fault, so I cannot complain.


I can strongly relate to this sentiment.