A monolithic entity like that at the core of the OS goes counter to what made Unix Unix. It's a philosophical beef. Also, early on, their binary logging was idiotic. That has improved quite a lot over time. I will admit that.


Thankfully, CentOS's founder realizes the folly and comes to the rescue.

Rocky Linux [zdnet.com]


I had a sneaking suspicion they'd pull this eventually. Turning CentOS into RHEL's perpetual beta. Which, I thought, Fedora Core was more suitable for but oh well.

CentOS to become a rolling distro [zdnet.com]

NOTE: The box doesn't see much use now as the stuff is mostly in private GitHub repos now. One less thing to have to admin.


I transitioned the internal GIT repos and a few other things to a FreeBSD box back when the systemd nonsense irritated me. No regrets. Just means having to switch gears a bit shelling in.


Lesson re-learned.

Mobile hotspot on Windows 10 had issues. Devices could connect, showed no errors, but could not access the Internet.

So, I stupidly play "Google the issue"

I knew clicking "Reset networking", resetting the TCP/IP system from a admin powershell session, etc would do nothing. But, I did it anyway.

Then, I got mad and did the dumb thing I thought would work. A thing that I should not have had to do.

I forced the DNS server addresses.

Everything works peachy.

It was as if it were maintaining the prior viewport size. Odd. Gnome allowed me to switch from 3840x2160 to 1920x1080 with no issues.


I installed MATE on that box already. When I tried to back down the resolution to 1920x1080, the upper portion of the UI went off-screen and rather than fool with fixing that, I decided to give Gnome3/Whatever the heck that is a try. I try to be open minded about these things.


Part of me has the perverse desire to go back to fluxbox or blackbox.


Attempting to get used to the default Ubuntu desktop. Whatever they call this thing.

I can adapt to this but I vastly prefer a Gnome2 style desktop. (ala MATE)