Yesterday was an eventful one.

Apple had a thing. Microsoft had a deal about the XBox plus dropped .NET 5.0 on the world and had a marathon of video conferences.

They were running two hours behind releasing Visual Studio 16.8 which confused everyone. "All of this is great but where is this Visual Studio you speak of?" They gracefully recovered from that.

While updates churn in the background of this old dev PC, I now go to see what was up with Apple. I have no interest in the XBox thing, I have a Nintendo Switch.

A Microsoft branded browser that isn't garbage. What is the world coming to?

It suddenly hit me that this is the first time in over two decades that I am working on code in an editor not called VIM.

This is information I could have used a year or so ago.

Probably not. I could sure use some decompression though.


We could go on strike. Just a thought.


Getting reacquainted with GitHub again. Normally do everything on a couple of servers I run via ssh but decided a change of pace was in order.

When did this become an issue? I don't recall the one on my Air ever doing that.

They've seemed to have picked up the pace considerably. I'm not used to a Microsoft that moves this quickly.

Oh and 5.0 is already considered a interim release. One year is supposed to be it's lifespan. Another thing that took me off guard.

My brain just screams "Code!" until I am awake.