Two gig downloads on a somewhat rural internet connection is a painful experience.

My biggest complaint about many is the quality of the presentation. Too many uhms. Not getting to the point. Like a concept is being explained by someone who doesn't truly understand it.

Since I am awake, I may as well leave for home at 3:00am-ish. Would get me to West Virginia and settled in before noon and able to work a halfway normal Friday remotely. I never truly have a day off.

I'll occasionally catch the odd, old documentary on YouTube. Beyond that, there isn't much I am interested in.

Dear technician who enabled the bleeding repository and installed something they shouldn't have, Please do not do that again.

I had a period during my open source phase where I was just as bad.

I cannot like this enough.

I wonder why it would be disabled.

Visiting with family. First time in several years.

Not the one I wanted. Will have to order that (ThinkPad). Need one for the weekend as I am going to WV so grabbed a Dell Convertible.