I cannot think of another profession that has fallen so far and so fast.



We don’t deserve this treatment, Larry


Holiday weekends are little more than a time for forced labor. I have been dragged to a church rec center to pick things up and put them down again in almost exactly the wrong spots.

Upon rebooting after the initial update, the Ubuntu box is stuck on the screen with the Ubuntu logo. Can ssh into it and all services I need are operating. I've not checked the logs because I am that unconcerned,

So, I guess I have Ubuntu Server after-all.

Was going to go into grub and set the options to only come up in console mode anyway. So, No harm - No foul.

If I were using it as a workstation, my language would be very colorful at this point.

The full desktop install is working wonderfully and I have a compiler that does c++17 now.


..To clarify..The drive would refuse to boot after installation. Gave up trying to coax it to life and burned a 18.10 desktop ISO. Worked perfectly.

Note: I know the server install stick was not munged as it worked on several machines at the office without fail. Go figure.


I always felt leery about making that thing outward facing so made it internal only. For good reason it appears.


Sadly, it would not install on the particular box I needed it on. Had to install the full release onto it. Now erasing all the extraneous crap and sucking stuff down from the repo.


Oh..and there's this.

No rush because I haven;t updated it in forever.

This site can’t be reached eee-eye-eee.io refused to connect.

Current Status: Slowly warming to Ubuntu Server.