I don't think it is possible to trivialize, more, serializing a generic collection and saving it to disk.

try {
string jsonText = JsonSerializer.Serialize<TechniqueList>(techniqueList);
File.WriteAllText(pomodoroFile, jsonText); }



I'm basing this off of what I paid for my Toshiba 1GB IDE at the time. A dollar a meg. Was amazed at how cheap it was considering the 42MB MFM in my 286 had cost nearly 500.00 when new.


After a week of workdays that started at roughly 2:00 to 3:00 am, followed by a productive but ill advised all nighter, I am officially too baked to drive 30 miles to the office. I am literally drunk with exhaustion. Thus, I take the first day off in so long I no longer remember.

Mind boggling how cheap storage is now. That SSD is over a half million dollars worth of 1991 storage


Many years ago, I bought one of the first consumer grade 1 GB hard drives. Toshiba made them. Paid around 1000.00 usd for it. Which, at the time, was incredibly cheap.

Now I hold 500 of them in my hand. Paid 69.00 usd.

I’m getting old, aren’t I?

3:15 AM

But… I managed to ship a solution that wasn't expected until the middle of next week.

Meaning I can concentrate on other things now.

I'd leave it as free if I went that route.


I guess I need to cut the reverie short and head to the office. It's been an amazingly chill AM to far.