I never envisioned myself becoming a .NET developer but here we are.

it certainly does.


In unpleasant news, I learned yesterday that my ex wife had passed away from a pulmonary embolism.

It has been 24 years since we've been face to face so it took a while to really register. Just loads of melancholy leading into sadness.

Bad memories were processed and discarded for good last night. Holding on to the dear ones with all my might.

That's getting things done without pointless interruptions. Buddy Guy cranked up to 11 and attacking a to-do list that rival's Oskar Schindler's


Still here. As am I. Sitting in it now at 4:45am enjoying the peace and quiet.


Wow. I keep forgetting the social media stuff exists.

A late merry Christmas to all

one man singing loudly to himself and me sipping a Mountain Dew and trying to not listen


Thanksgiving was untraditional. This turned out amazing and was totally with the five hours it took to do.