I'm already 99 percent Windows. Unfortunately, this Air has yet to be removed from my workflow. Will be eliminating it this weekend. I can at least SSH into it and suck stuff I need off.

Will need a replacement for PDFPenPro though.. I was writing my own but stopped about halfway through.


Trying to save the OS install on my Macbook Air. About to give up.

After the recent Securty update, finder refuses to launch.

SSH'd into it and removed the plist files as there was no way to launch a terminal to do it locally.

Restart and no dice. All users, BTW, cannot access finder.

SSH'd into it again and tried to launch it manually. No dice.

failed with error -610 for the file /System/Library/CoreServices/Finder.app

**** this. I'm buying a Windows 10 laptop this weekend.

Spending the weekend right


You essentially had a 16MHz 286. Which already existed. (There was an HP Vectra tower built around that chip that was really impressive.)


Some of the first batches of 80386 processors had a bug where 32 bit math would cause them to flake. They had to be recalled. The offenders were stamped with '16 bit SW only' and found their way into some 286 clones and peripherals. I had one of those around here at some point. The ones without the bug were stamped with two sigma symbols and resold.


We have come a long way from, "Ooops. We can't do 32 bit division without locking up"


Rather than argue with the man to convince him that three or four counter clockwise turns of the front support rods would give him the play needed to attach the rear deck supports, I’m going to say, “Good luck with it, champ” and walk away.

And if anyone is saying to themselves, "I thought Tom worked at a software company", he does. Which is why he is a little irritated right now.

Anyway, this is my second quarter 2019 Facebook update.

You're welcome.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to get the damned grass stains off my hands.


915 drm and video drivers properly loading into kernel. No indication whatsoever why the devices are not being created regardless of loglevel.

Screw it. Reinstalling.


Only thing remaining is trying to see why the kernel is not detecting the video hardware. /dev/dri doesn't exist. No clue what chipset it is using. Will have to boot up with a rescue stick to find out.


The chances for what happened are like the chances of winning the lottery. Power outage happened at just the exact moment. I have 1337 packages reinstalling now and will give a shot at mending X11.

Like I said, I am both stubborn and curious.