Funny. My thoughts have been "Bourbon…" today.

Slow enough to induce rage because you can read text far faster than it downloads.

I try to remind myself that I once had to use ArcNet. And that I had to wait on a 300 baud modem.

Watching your progress has been remarkable. Nothing but respect.


I'd like to be at 97kg or so. It's doable.


Working dough and making biscuits in this limited space is going to be fun.


Good morning, Poppy

Can't connect to for some reason but this is the main one I had to pour through. That and the official docs for the processor.


annotation 2019-10-17 101724

That makes me grind my teeth. But, on the plus side, and I realize I am unique here, I keep my main develelopment system offline unless I need to remotely commit. That way, I can allow the updates on my own terms. Email, web and the like I will do on a laptop or iPhone.

I do not miss alt-tabbing out to glance at PDF documentation, alt tabbing back in and discovering the editor refuses to display random lines of source code. I also do not miss badgering Palm employees for a patch to the resource editor that enables the 16 bit mostrosity to work on systems with 16MB or more of ram. (This list could get very long)