…and said venture has nothing to do with code, thankfully.


Would you believe I have never once visited that site?


Watching the price tag for a little venture I want to undertake grow exponentially.

There's a change I need to make to out post-install scriptlet that does something similar for the 64 bit verson of libharu that I never seem to get around to doing.


That’s the general idea.


Looking to take a couple month break after our big project is done….before I buy the company out.


Observation: Motor homes are pricey.

Someone had to carry the torch when Visual Basic went the way of the dodo



AMD Phenom(tm) II P860 Triple-Core Processor… I really need to toss this laptop and get another.

Perverse thought: A desktop manage that pays homage to Microsoft Bob.

It's possible that I have been at this too long.