Especially if you live dangerously…

alias rm="rm -f"

COVID, combined with a mother on continuous feed oxygen and twenty percent lung capacity made for a difficult phone call last night.

This will be the first time in over fifty years that I don't make it "home for the holidays".

Not worth the risk to her.

It's a Canadian superpower.

I still think the old, MS-DOS version of the software I wrangle is miles ahead of the modern in terms of stability and utility.


Quietly waiting for Red Hat to start cancelling subscriptions of people who pull SRPMS.

So YOU'RE the one! Damn, Jason. Cut it out!


I'm generally the antonym of 'trendy'. :D


CentOS's original founder is doing just that. The churn on GitHub is enough that I have quieted notifications. We'll see is there is any success there. Tall order.

Rolling releases are fine and dandy for personal systems. Production servers? Oh hell no.

The CentOS thing has made a lot of people look at Ubuntu LTS.