Decided to treat myself for surviving an emotionally and physically draining week.


Exponentially less so.

The contrast between this Saturday and the last could not be more pronounced

Oh most definitely. Fortunately, I have a high tollerance for the stuff. Irish genes I guess. And everything is in moderation. Even so, I am going nowhere for the rest of the evening.


Yeah. It's pretty strong. It goes down as smoothly as 80 proof so you have to be careful. "Why is my nose numb? Oh!".


I liked those. Also the Buick Grand Nationals.

114 - 116 proof or stronger. The one I like is 114 which is about 57 percent alcohol.


I am totally fixated on small batch, cask strength bourbons as of late.


In practice, with phone line conditions and such, you were lucky to get the mid 20 cps range. At least I was.