Sane is a relative term. ;) I'm doing fine. Just busy.

My exodus from social stuff has been very successful. And it came none too soon by appearances

Seems some things never change. I banished it from here well over a decade ago for the same reason.

A several mile walk to nowhere in particular today followed by a nicely chilled bourbon and some Skyrim.

I'd call this a very successful Saturday.

May Sunday follow in its footsteps.

You sound like me when we were, pre-Google maps, using Tiger census data to generate mapping data.

It drove home that data that came from civil servants was not to be trusted.

Okay. Worked from the laptop but not my phone. Anyway, that's my Monday.


Happy Monday! Imagine a photo of a very large tree that ripped down one of the office power lines. (For some reason, I can’t upload images here. Note: If image does finally appear, never mind) 😁

I keep forgetting The Verge exists. I only paid attention to it back when it was "This is my next…" and Topolsky was still running things. When things became so polarized and political, I bowed out of most of those sites.


It's a welcome thing. Beats the chaotic, "Oh what NOW?", weeks. My only real trial this week is figuring out where the county has decided to do titles and tags, post city building remodel and COVID nonsense. It can't be the drive-through location unless they figured out how to send plates through a pneumatic tube.

Relaxing weekend detailing the new car at the office/warehouse. Blessed alone/quiet time. Now firmly into a week of mundane normalcy. The evenings are code and scarfing some of the homemade spaghetti sauce I whipped up.