Life has been busy. To say the least. Still is but I'm now taking time out to make an andouille sausage, jalapeno, egg, onion, cheese, pepper and salsa quesadilla. This will fuel the effort to find a way to slack off for a day.

Off to dice the tomatoes…


This is borderline passive aggressive.

One of my "betters" cried from their beachfront mansion, "The oceans are rising and I am at risk". "Would you like some sandbags or maybe a boat?", I asked. "No, I need you to eat bugs.", they said.

The acrid stench of error lingers but I am not sure which of us emitted it.

At any rate, I have updated this my status here and I am moving on.


I managed to do that, surprisingly.

Belated holiday wishes to everyone.

Infrequent visit commences.

YAY! A dark mode!

Visit concludes.

Oh I'm still around. Just busy.

It's definitely bright :D


I'll wear shades.

Borland Pascal 7.0. The final release before they dove headfirst into the Delphi rabbit hole and lost their shirts.