Someone had to carry the torch when Visual Basic went the way of the dodo


AMD Phenom(tm) II P860 Triple-Core Processor… I really need to toss this laptop and get another.

Perverse thought: A desktop manage that pays homage to Microsoft Bob.

It's possible that I have been at this too long.

Status: Forcing myself to acknowledge dnf. I'll say this much, it's dependency tracking is a HUGE improvement over yum's.

I only looked at it long enough to know I didn't care for it.

Current status: Trying to tune out a man with his pants hiked up, fiddling with pocket change and talking about the good old days of the IBM 5362 - Which has zero bearing on the question I asked him forever ago.

No biggie. Just wondering if it was a problem on my end or not. 🙂

One of those, "If I get rid of it, I'll suddenly need it", things.

I've had one for years and have done absolutely nothing with it.