Registered a domain for one back in 2006. May as well use that.

If I don't go to the office, I will be hammering away at the distro. I don't really have an off button per-se. Never did.

I think it's sleep that has given up on me.

Seeing that it is 3:20AM, there's no point in going to bed. I'll just put on a pot of coffee and work until it's time to go to the office.

Haven't gotten around to buying it yet.

Pops in and waves. Goes back to the same, mundane routine.

Elon Musk and Chamath Palihapitiya joining the fray is amazing.

I just want to congratulate the Zerg swarm Reddit investor community for teaching the masses about short selling and hedge funds.

But many were trapped with PS\2 inventory that wouldn’t move even if shot from a cannon

This is a fair question that has no easy answer.