I'm needing something to assist reading and computer work at this point. I guess I am officially at that age now.



My eyes are slowly adjusting to the new prescription but I can already tell it is not going to totally normalize.


For computer use and the like, yes.


My new glasses have convinced me that I have reached bi/trifocal age.

Nothing but I prefer to be honest about it and not let the fans get their hopes up.


As a insomniac, I seldom say goodnight to people. Because, frankly, I don't know if I am giving them misinformation.

Like a perennially bad sports team saying, "We're going to win the pennant this year. For the fans".

I just think it's better that I drag my butt out to the field and lose without any of that nonsense.

First iOS 13 snafu experienced. Notes was no longer an option under iCloud sync. Lost access to all of them. Had to restart phone to re-enable them.

iOS 13 not annoying me yet. Dark mode is nice. Review ends.

Have added full touch support to newest release. It's stupid. An ergonomic disaster. But, if I do not, people will complain.

They will gleefully touch on-screen controls until their arms get tired then go back to using the software the proper way.

I would dearly love to know how I got on the Nashville Chamber of Commerce's mailing list.